April 19, 2015

Prodigal Grace

Passage: Luke 15:11-32

This is a familiar story to many about a rebellious son who leaves his father, sins in a big way, and then comes homes. Often we think that the main character is the younger son, the rebellious son, the prodigal son. But this morning, I want to look at this story and see the central character as the prodigal Father. "Prodigal" doesn't mean lost or rebellious. It means "recklessly extravagant, spending freely to the point of recklessness." Yes, this does describe the younger son when he wastes all his inheritance, but the Father also is extravagant in how he treats both his sons. As we work through this story, I want to focus on the contrast between what the two sons deserve (or think they deserve) and the prodigal grace, the extravagant generosity the Father gives.

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