November 14, 2021

Marriage & Divorce

Passage: Matthew 19:1-15

Jesus has been in the northern region of Galilee since chapter four. He was born in Bethlehem of Judea, but under threat of murder, His parents fled to Egypt and stayed there until Herod’s death, fulfilling word of the prophet: “Out of Egypt I called My Son”. Matthew shows us that Jesus is the new Israel. He is baptized, sojourns in the wilderness, and ministers in Galilee away from the violence of Herod. Peter Leithart points out that Jesus has been like Elijah and Elisha in the northern part of the divided kingdom, and now like Joshua begins His conquest of the promised land with multitudes around Him. Like Jeremiah who announced God’s divorce of Israel, Jesus will warn His people about the coming judgment. The question that kicks it off is whether you can divorce your wife for any reason. Despite the adulterers asking the question and the confused disciples, Jesus gives us a vision for marriage that overcomes the world.

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