November 17, 2013

Jesus in the Storm

Passage: Mark 6:45-56

We have another boat scene. Unlike last time, Jesus isn’t in the boat asleep, but there is a storm and the disciples are having a tough time of it. This time Jesus comes to them, but his presence still doesn’t cause them to really see. Why not? Mark has been unfolding this story, showing Jesus reveal his identity by what he does. The disciples, sent out two by two, were successful (6:12-13), but now their hearts are hardened (v52), and Mark wants us to ask ourselves if we understand what is going. We saw the loaves multiplied; do we get it? We hear of the works and identity of Jesus the Messiah. What does it mean for us? How are we changed, and are we with him on the mission or just cluelessly hanging out with him, our hearts hardened (Jn. 6:15)? Christians have long thought of the church as a ship (Latin navis), and applied this passage to our life together.

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