December 15, 2013

Dogged Faith

Passage: Mark 7:24-30

When you picture the kingdom of God, the gathered family, what does it look like? Who is there? Jesus just declared all foods are clean (7:19), and while this is good for the buffet, it’s even better for the borders. What he really does is declare all people are clean (cf. Acts 10:9-28). We’ve noted that God has always called all nations to look to him and be saved (Is. 45:22), and Israel was privileged to lead them in doing so. But she failed and so God comes to them. As he does so, he’s not looking for religious scruples, but faith. And this is what he finds—great faith (Matt. 15:28)—in the Syrophoenician woman. We’ll consider what faith is and what it does as revealed in this encounter between Jesus and the woman.

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