October 27, 2013

Sending the Twelve

Passage: Mark 6:7-13

Jesus has called the disciples to him (3:13-19), and now he sends them out as apostles (v7). The kingdom is come and go, both gather and scatter (Matt. 11:28; 28:19). We always come to Jesus for refreshment and reestablishment, but then he equips us to go out into the world, to be in it but not of it (Jn. 15:19).  We move from being invested to investing in others and the disciples are ready to catch fish (1:17). This Sunday is Reformation Sunday when we remember the recovery of the gospel in the Protestant Reformation, the priesthood of all believers, and the forward progress of the church.  November 1st is All Saints’ Day when the church celebrates the same thing more broadly. We’ve seen how dense and doubtful the disciples are (4:13; 40). Still, they’re going out to do the job Jesus gave them. And they will not labor in vain.

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