Weighted Words

January 21, 2024
Words have power. God brings us to Himself through the word of truth (cf. Jms. 1:18). The words we listen to and the words we speak shape us and those…

Living Faith

January 14, 2024
Faith in God is not a box you check at one point in your life. It’s not bare intellectual assent to the truths of the Christian faith. James writes to…

The Sin of Partiality

January 7, 2024
When you think of a faithful and thriving church, what comes to mind? Churches elevate youth programs, liturgy, mission, education, outreach to the poor, doctrinal maturity, music and many other…

State of the Church

December 31, 2023
We live in a time of societal breakdown. Our institutions, authorities, and trusted figures have failed and crumbled in astonishing ways, making it obvious that we need a savior. David…

The Song of Mary

December 24, 2023
As the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ Mary is blessed among women. She received the good news of the incarnation of the Son of God and believed what the…

Doing the Word

December 17, 2023
Faith drives faithfulness, and so those who trust in Christ are called to act on what they believe. James the son of thunder listened carefully to Jesus who warned His…

Hearing & Speaking

December 10, 2023
James tells the scattered brethren to count it all joy when facing all kinds of trials knowing they’ll receive the crown of life when it’s over. But believers are not…

Let There Be Light

December 3, 2023
Sermon from Eric Letsche, Elder Pro Tem at Emmanuel Church.

Trials & Triumph

November 26, 2023
People easily fall into one of two opposite errors when suffering. The first distances God from what is going on: perhaps He doesn’t know or doesn’t care or doesn’t exist.…

Rich & Poor

November 19, 2023
James doesn’t waste any time telling the brethren what things they will need to count all joy. Even though we are the most prosperous nation in history, we worry about…