January 19, 2014

He Does All Things Well

Passage: Mark 7:31-37

Jesus is still in Gentile territory. He takes a big route, heading north first to Sidon from Tyre and then down to Decapolis, east of the Sea of Galilee (cf. 5:20). He may have spent eight months, approaching a quarter of his ministry, in Gentile territory. This isn’t a random account from his time there, but intentionally included by Mark who relates Peter’s eyewitness testimony. This healing is very unique in detail, and the details are purposeful and powerful. What should we know about how Jesus felt and what he did for Gentiles, and how should it impact us? Mark doesn’t just tell us what Jesus did for this individual Gentile, but it’s enormous significance for the world since the one who does all things well has come.

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  1. Aaron Moody February 3

    This was a word in season!

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