The Parable of the Soils

September 1, 2013
Jesus is the most famous teacher in the history of the world, and parables are his most famous teachings. Parables include sayings, proverbs, epigrams, riddles, and stories (3:23; Prov. 1:6;…

Lord of the Sabbath

August 11, 2013
Jesus’ early conflicts with the scribes and Pharisees culminate in this section. In particular, controversies involving food: whom he eats with (tax collectors and sinners), when he eats or doesn’t eat (not…

Friend of Sinners

August 4, 2013
Jesus constantly surprises. He teaches with authority (1:22), commands with power (1:27), touches the unclean (1:41), and even exercises the divine prerogative to forgive sins (2:10). So far what he has been…

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