Love the Truth

February 3, 2019
How important is the truth? Is there such a thing as truth? Michael Foucault believed that truth-claims are really just power plays. But if this is true, then it isn’t,…

You Shall Not Steal

January 27, 2019
Behind the eighth commandment is the glorious fact that God owns everything: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” (Ps. 24:1). Made in His image, we are entrusted…

Against Abortion

January 20, 2019
Abortion is the single greatest injustice occurring in the world today, and so we should be against it. There’s nothing wrong with making the positive case for being pro-life, but…


January 13, 2019
Just as the sixth commandment forbids murder because God gives abundant life, so the seventh commandment provides a fence to guard the wonderful gift of marriage. Adultery is not just…

You Shall Not Murder

January 6, 2019
The sixth commandment is clear and blunt: no murder. We may wonder why it’s necessary to state something so obvious, or think we’ve advanced beyond the ignorance of ancient people…

Grace for Tomorrow

December 30, 2018
We come to the end of another year, looking back on what happened and forward to what is to come. Not only should we look forward, God gives us promises…

Christ the King

December 23, 2018
At Christmas time we sing that Jesus was “born a child, and yet a king”. This fact affected everything for Jesus and His parents right from the beginning.
The fifth commandment begins the second table of the law, the commands dealing with loving our neighbor. Like the first commandment is foundational for loving God, so the fifth is…

The Sabbath

December 9, 2018
The fourth commandment is the longest of the ten, mentioned over a hundred times in the Old Testament, plays an important part of Jesus’ ministry in the gospels, and yet…

Bearing God’s Name

December 2, 2018
The first two commandments are clearly foundational to Christians, but the third commandment gets minimized to prohibiting a few words. But this is not the commandment about cussing. It applies…

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