Children of the Kingdom

October 17, 2021
Matthew’s Gospel has five discourses given by Jesus that each conclude “when Jesus finished speaking”: the Sermon on the Mount, the Missionary Discourse, the Discourse on Parables, the Discourse on…

Strength of Faith

October 10, 2021
“Faith” is a word used so often by Christians that we easily forget its purpose and power. It’s not nebulous,  nor does it make you vaguely a “person of faith.”…

The Transfiguration

October 3, 2021
Jesus has turned toward the cross. “From that time”, after Peter’s great confession, “Jesus began to show to His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things…

Cross Before Crown

September 26, 2021
Peter makes the great confession that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God (Matt. 16:16). Christ will build His church on the rock and the gates of Hades don’t…

The Conquering Cross

September 19, 2021
At this point in Matthew’s gospel, the disciples are beginning to understand who Jesus is. Peter’s great confession names Him as the Christ, the Son of the living God. But…

False Doctrine

September 12, 2021
We tend to think of truth and love as opposites, or at least in tension with one another. Truth is cold, hard, and probably mean—to be truly honest is to…

Bread for the World

September 5, 2021
Jesus came as the Jewish messiah to save “the lost sheep of the house of Israel”. All the disciples are Israelites, and He tells them to stay within Israel when…


September 5, 2021
It’s easy to think of the scribes and Pharisees as an impossibly self-righteous sect that neither you nor anyone you respect could ever become—like spiritual orcs. But they probably descended…

The Sovereign Householder

August 22, 2021
Sermon from guest preacher, Pastor Chris Wiley, at Emmanuel Camp 2021, Black Lake Bible Camp.

Lord of the Storm

August 15, 2021
The miracles Jesus’ performs in the gospels are never raw feats of strength to prove His divinity. If we read the gospels closely, the works always reveal who God is,…

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