The House of God

November 3, 2019
Work begins on the tabernacle, and we hear about the details: the number, colors, and size of curtains; loops and clasps; boards and bars; the veil and pillars. These are…

Willing & Wise Hearts

October 31, 2019
The children of Israel have been totally forgiven and empowered by God. Even as they are overwhelmed by His glory shining on the face of Moses, they come with willing…

Reflected Glory

October 20, 2019
We are made in the image of God and created to grow into His likeness more and more. This happens as we behold His glory. Yahweh will go with Israel…
Israel smashed the covenant, worshiping the work of their hands instead of the Lord who made them. God’s kindness is already on display, but now He declares His name, full…

God With Us

October 6, 2019
Israel broke covenant with God in a gross and highhanded way at the calf. God answered Moses’ prayer not to destroy the nation, but now the question is whether He…

Conflict at the Calf

September 29, 2019
Moses pleaded successfully with the Lord to spare the nation, but he still has to go down the mountain and confront the idolatry at the bottom. Faithfulness to God and…

The Golden Calf

September 22, 2019
Moses had forty phenomenal days and nights on the mountaintop. While God was making tablets engraved with His holy law, Aaron was making a corrupting graven image. This is the…

A Perpetual Covenant

September 15, 2019
Moses has been up on the mountain for forty days and forty nights receiving the law and learning how to build the tabernacle. This is the last thing God says:…

The Art & Artists of God

September 8, 2019
The priests and Levites will serve at the tabernacle, but who will build it? The Lord calls Bezalel and fills him with His Spirit to design, construct, oversee, and finish…

Sin Covered

September 1, 2019
Sermon from Tyler Hatcher, Associate Pastor at Trinity Church in Kirkland, WA.

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